Keto Copycat Wheat Bread **gluten free**

I dove in with two feet and tried this bread out!! Oh my goodness, it smells AND tastes like wheat bread!! If you follow directions completely, you will not be disappointed. It is not nut free and replacing the almond flour will be disasterous. Also note you need psyllium husk POWDER!! I found this one on Amazon! It may have a different “look” but this … Continue reading Keto Copycat Wheat Bread **gluten free**

Keto Copycat Moundz Bars

When I think of a favorite candy bar that I would get when we went to the grocery store it would either be a peppermint patty, or a mounds bar! I have always loved coconut and started loving dark chocolate more as I got older. How excited was I to put together this recipe that is sooo good you will want to try it again … Continue reading Keto Copycat Moundz Bars